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I am a Son (twice over because I was adopted), a brother, a cousin, a nephew, a grandchild, a worker, a DJ, a veteran, a college graduate, a father, a music producer and an independent author of one book so far. My birth place is Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I was adopted around the age of ten by an ex priest and an ex nun. I attended two years of Catholic school, then ran x-country, track and DJ'd in High School. I joined the United States Army in 1989, was stationed in Germany and later deployed to Iraq during Desert Storm. While in Germany I traveled to many countries in Europe during my time off. After the Army I came back to America and married my second wife. I then helped raise two beautiful boys that live with my human assigned parents now. I have recently released three music albums and independently published a poetry book. It did not work out with my second wife either. My first wife, a former Yugoslavian did not want to move to America and my second wife a Filipino proved to like my late nights drinking coffee and writing so much, so my parents got custody of the children. I don't claim any religion except my own, Light Water Heart Religion, because I believe GOD is too big for any one religion. I deeply love and serve GOD.